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My Personal  Journey To Clearing Acne

LaDeidre The Overcomer


My personal relationship with acne has gone through highs and lows throughout the years...


Try to understand that acne is not a permanent part of you, it does not make up your personality or beauty (both internal and external). Regardless of whether you have acne, you deserve to feel beautiful and confident in yourself.


News flash, acne is not synonymous with ugly! Your acne journey is a temporary part of your life - it likely won't last forever!

Another note is, do not let acne affect the choices you make in your everyday life. Try to find hobbies and interests which can boost your self-esteem. Find a new sport or interest which you can invest in. Spend time with friends and family, people who love you regardless of the acne.

Unfortunately, there is no strict rule book on how to tackle acne effectively, as like most skin issues, every person has their own difficulties. Some people’s skin is determined by genetic factors, whereas others will experience breakouts under bouts of emotional and physical stress.


Therefore, not every treatment will suit every person’s own acne journey. However, there are a few simple steps to incorporate into your skincare routine that will help to make a difference! Are you ready to explore how my face looks sooo clear now? I want to give you a sneak peek inside of my world and give you all the tools that I used to clear my skin!


With that being said, ready no further! Get Access to the natural things I did to clear my acne as well as my daily regimen to keep my skin clear...

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